Thursday, September 16, 2010

3 Parties in a Week!

I just stripped for another group of Mississippi girls recently. They were rowdy, fun, and wild. One drunken brunette who looked around eighteen wanted to hook up with me, which is flattering if one overlooked the fact that she looked like she was going to puke from drinking too much. They also tipped well. I really wished all parties went this well. Nothing too boring and nothing too dramatic.

I have two more parties to go:

One party was a referral from my "Saturday, March 13th" blog. I received a random phone call from a girl named Christy saying that she wanted to book me. Apparently, the girls from the March 13th party enjoyed my performance and recommended me to their friend Christy. I must have given them a number, although I had forgotten at this point. Sometimes girls ask for my numbers for future parties. Christy sounded nice and she said she wanted me to dress as a cop.

I know very little about my other party though. I just know it's on the usual.

I also have some male stripper questions to answer and post up here, so keep checking back for updates.

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