Monday, September 20, 2010

50th Birthday Party

On Saturday, I did a party for a lady turning fifty.

The party took place on the beach at a very nice hotel. I arrived in a police uniform (yet again). I duped the birthday girl into believing that I was a cop. She lightened up as soon as I started stripping for her. She was really pretty for fifty: great body, well-dressed, smooth skin, and fairly tan. Her friends looked great as well.

The other ladies only wanted me to focus on the birthday girl, so I did. She caressed me as I placed her on the couch and straddled her. She took a shot off of my abs. We danced on the floor. Next, we did some sexual poses as the other girls took pictures of us. One lady had a camcorder and videotaped us.

"Don't show these to my husband," the birthday lady said.

Another lady repeatedly hugged me and told me how hot I was. She was very beautiful, so I enjoyed her hugs. She kissed me on the cheek and on the neck several times. The birthday lady kissed me on the cheek as well.

As the birthday lady and her friend's flirtations became more abundant, a limo arrived to take the ladies out. They invited me, but I had errands to run in the morning, so I politely declined. I could have tagged along and had a blast, but I hated the idea of subjecting myself to the whim of the limo driver's schedule.

So as I left, the ladies packed me some food, drinks, and gave me some extra money. I love my job sometimes. Women pay me to party with them, and I get bonuses such as free food, drinks, and limo rides.

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