Saturday, October 26, 2013

Highlights From September, 2013 - Part 3

September 28, 2013
This particular weekend was so booked that I had to turn down work. The Husband who hired me for his wife earlier this summer wanted me to “court” his wife once again, offering a large sum of money. I turned down his offer, suggesting he try again later. Then, I had two parties I had to turn down on Friday due to a family event.
I probably turned down at least $1,000 worth of gigs.
However, I did take on two bachelorette parties for Saturday night.
The first was at 8 p.m., and the second was scheduled for 9 p.m. The driving distance between the two was an hour and a half, so I called the second party and told them I would be late.
I arrived on time for the first group. They were from Texas. The customer who hired me was the Maid of Honor, a very tall, dark-haired girl with blue eyes. She stood at least a head over me with her high heels on.
The bride did not know I was coming, so I was to reprise my role of property management once again. The ploy was for me to fix a broken smoke detector.

When I entered, all of the girls sat at the dining table instead of the living room, so I felt rather awkward because they all stared at me in silence as I walked in front of the smoke detector located in the living room.
I tried to make small talk, but the words fumbled around in my mouth. I probably sounded lame. The fact that the other girls did little to play into the ruse made the situation more strained.
They did point to the bride at the end of the table. She was very tanned and dark-haired and wore a white miniskirt and a white top. I decided to drop my act, which was unsalvageable at this point, and approach her to start stripping.
“I knew it,” the bride said. “You were too awkward to be part of the hotel staff. Plus, the guy who came earlier today was old!”
Because it was difficult to strip for a girl at the dinner table, I took the bride towards the living room and guided her towards the couch where I did my striptease for her.  The other girls began stuffing dollar bills in her cleavage and in the crevice between her legs.
The bride’s white miniskirt did little to hide her white, mesh panties, which also did little to hide her shaven pussy underneath. I explored such regions as I took the dollar bills with my mouth, licking and kissing her in the process.
She was very frisky with me as I stripped for her. “If you only knew how much of a freak I am in bed,” she said, as I rubbed the front of my thong against her panties.
There was a short and very shy girl who could not stop laughing while I interacted with her. Her brown hair only came down to her jaw line, and she wore cowboy boots. I teabagged her, causing her to giggle uncontrollably.
“Her laughing feels like a vibrator,” I said to her friends. “It’s really turning me on.”
The shy girl’s giggling became even worse as her friends laughed at her expense.
One thing that this group liked to do was gather a large wad of dollar bills and throw over me while saying, “Make it rain!”
They did this several times and even posed for pictures around the scattered bills on the floor.
Although a few girls did not participate, the majority of them did with eager and groping hands. When I finished, they all applauded and cheered for me as I gave a courtesy bow.
Before I left, they asked me a lot of questions about my job. I stayed and answered them until I looked at the time. It was 9:30 p.m. 
I was supposed to be at the next party thirty minutes ago.
I arrived at the second party at 11 p.m.
The customer did not seem too upset. On the way, I called her several times to inform her of my status, and she said that she would occupy the bride’s attention until then. They had a lingerie party, presents, and dinner beforehand. Lucky for me, they did not make plans to go out.
For this party, I played the cop responding to a “noise complaint.”
The party in question took place in a high rise condominium on the beach. The girls rented a room on the tenth floor.
When the girls invited me inside, I announced to everyone in a stern tone that I was here on a noise complaint from their neighbors.
The crowd was a mix of ladies ranging from late 20s all the way to late 50s. The older ones were mothers or relatives of the bride.
“Sorry, we’re celebrating her bachelorette party,” one girl said, pointing to the bride.
The bride was a beautiful blonde girl with a slender, yet curvy figure. She wore a bra made of candy. A dollar stuck out of the bra. She stood up and approached me appearing nervous.
“I’m sorry, officer. I didn’t know we were being that loud.”
“Well, it doesn’t look like y’all are doing anything bad here, but I’m just lettin’ y’all know that if I have to come back out here again tonight, y’all are gonna get a noise citation.”
“We’ll be good,” the bride promised. “I’m so sorry that you had to come out here.”
“It’s all right,” I assured her. “So what’s goin’ on here?”
“We’re having my bachelorette party,” she said.
“Where’d y’all come in from?” I asked.
“Some of us from Alabama or Mississippi,” one lady answered.
“Well, I’ll tell ya what,” I said to the bride. “I normally wouldn’t do this, but how ‘bout I put you in handcuffs so your friends can take some pictures for a souvenir of your bachelorette party?”
“That’s a great idea!” one lady exclaimed.
“Okay,” the bride agreed.
I handcuffed her and all of her friends and family members took pictures.  I informed the ladies near the radio to turn the music up with a subtle nod towards the radio.
“Have a seat,” I said to the bride, helping her into a chair.
As soon as the music volume increased, I straddled the bride much to her utter surprise.
"Oh my!" she said. "I thought you were a cop the whole time!"
I motioned for her friends to stick dollar bills into her clothes. As I took them out with my mouth, she expressed pleasure by smiling or commenting on how “hot” I was. After interacting with her for awhile, I moved onto the other women. First, I repeated the same act with her friends, then with her mother.
While I had the bride’s mother on the couch, she wrapped her legs around me and looked to the bride and said, “Watch and learn from mama!”
Sometimes the ladies at these parties shock me beyond belief. I had to see it and hear it to believe it.
The mother was just as enthusiastic as the daughter. She even took a body shot off of me.
“You just made her day,” one of the older ladies said. “She hasn’t had that much action in awhile.”
“I haven’t had this much action in like ten years!” the mother said.
Everyone laughed.
A few ladies did not participate, but I returned the focus back to the bride. I took body shots off of her mid-section, which was very pleasant to look at since it was tanned with a belly-button piercing.
Then, one of the bride’s friends suggested I take a shot from between the bride’s breasts. So the bride took off her shirt, leaving only her bra on. She also unzipped her jeans and pulled them down, exposing her white panties with black lace along the edges.
Someone brought some whipped crème forward and sprayed it on the bride’s midsection.
“Take off your bra,” someone said.
So she did, exposing two perfectly small and round breasts. They were perky, pointing towards me at attention. I spread the whipped crème on both of her nipples and began to lick them off. Her nipples hardened. I began to get aroused.
Another round of whipped crème.
“I think he’s enjoying that more than you are,” one lady commented to the bride.
“I don’t know about that,” the bride said.
I had a gut feeling that some of the ladies disapproved. When I looked up, I noticed a few had retired to their rooms.  Oh well, not my problem.
The bride and her mother invited me to the kitchen to offer some food and cake.
While I was eating, several ladies, including the bride and her mother, hovered around me to ask questions.
“Do you get fully nude?”
“Sometimes,” I replied.
“I was sort of expecting you to pull it out for me,” the bride said. “But what I saw was very nice.”
An idea struck me. I decided to take a survey.

“So just out of curiosity, how many of you would have preferred if I got nude and hard.”
All of the women in the kitchen agreed that they wanted to see everything. The bride said that she would have loved to see it. I was already clothed by now and ready to leave though.
“Well, maybe next time!” I said.
“Yeah,” the bride said. “Can we just hire you even if it’s not for a bachelorette party?”
“Of course!” I said.
When I left, she gave me a kiss while we hugged. “Thank you,” she said in my ear, as she hugged me close. “I had a wonderful time.”
Besides being two hours late, I thought the performance was a success.
However, the next day, my agent sent me the following text message:
“Everything go ok with the 2nd show?  Customer left me a message this morning. Just asked for someone to call. Did not say anything else.”
I called him to find out more. However, that was all the information he had.
“She just called and asked to speak to a manager,” he said.  “She didn’t say anything bad or good. She could either be complaining or giving praise. So what happened?”
I explained how I was two hours late, but mentioned how much fun the bride had. I even went into details about how I was licking whipped crème off of her tits.

“Nice!” my agent said.
“So the party went well. The only thing I can think of is maybe my tardiness, or perhaps some girls got pissed about me sucking on the bride's tits, or maybe that I stayed to eat afterwards. But the bride offered... I can't really think of any other reasons.”

“Who knows?” he said. “She could have been calling to praise you. I’m not gonna to call her back, but if she calls back again, I just wanted to hear your side of what happened so I have a heads up.”
“Well, either way, I’ll send your cut of the money tomorrow.”
“Great! I’ll call you with more work later,” he said and hung up.
All in all, I earned over $500 for that Saturday. I could only imagine the amount of money had I worked the day before.


  1. Oh them girls!!!
    I started stripping in Denmark a couple of months ago and so far I have only had girls lick whipped cream off me. But it sounds like I should also start doing it the other way around! ;-)
    Thanks for sharing your stories Dion, they are very helpful and inspiring for me.

    1. In Denmark, there's no shame in girls going to male strip clubs and picking up male hookers on the streets to bang. Here in North America, there's lots of shame because North America is so masculine.

  2. I may rewrite this story and have the girls strip you before you leave. It was unanimous that they wanted to see you nude and hard, right? Then the maid of honor pays you for a second show, so it's a happy ending.

    1. I only write about what has occurred. Otherwise, I'd compromise the integrity of my stories. There are other stories with happy endings. I still haven't written all the good stuff yet

  3. Thanks for the redpill.

  4. The women you meet never cease to amaze me. What sluts. I am sure they would say "I was just having a fun time" if guys did what they do it would be "you cheating bastard" The double standards these days.

    Another great read though, great writing.

    1. Alcohol brings out the the sleeping beast in people.