Saturday, October 12, 2013

Miramar Beach Condo Revisited

Back in 2010 (or maybe it was 2011), I stripped for a bachelorette party at a beach condo in Miramar Beach, Florida. It was a 4-story house with a Jacuzzi and a heated and lighted swimming pool that overlooked the white sandy beach and the Gulf of Mexico. It was a beautiful place, and I wouldn't mind living there, except during hurricane season. I really wanted to swim in that pool last time and admired the ocean view.

That party back then knew a girl who owned the condo. They were a rowdy bunch of girls that were really fun, but a little too much on the demanding side. Nevertheless, I had a great time. I tried to sift through my archives to see if I wrote about that particular party, but I don't think I did.

Last night, which was October 11, 2013, I had a bachelorette party for this very same beach condo.

As soon as I pulled up to the house, I recognized the place immediately. I wondered if these girls were the same group as before. It wouldn't be the first time.

When two girls came outside to pay me, they did not recognize me.

When I went inside to perform, no one recognized me. Everyone was a strange to me as well. I began to doubt if this was the actual place.

I looked out onto the back patio and saw the same lighted pool and heated Jacuzzi. There was no mistake. This was the place.

Throughout the mayhem, I asked about the condo. The girls told me that a "friend owned the place" and was letting them use it. Same story. I wondered how rich and generous this "friend" was.

Anyway, it was a fun, but reserved party. The girls did not want too much interaction, but they had a blast watching me dance with the bachelorette. Enough girls participated to remove the burdening sense of awkwardness.

The crowd peer pressured a few single girls into having a turn with me. The single girls did not want to participate, especially one petite blonde. She wanted me off of her, but her friends held her down and demanded that I give her a "good grinding."

She acted like she hated every minute of it, but throughout the party, she hovered around me, stuffing dollars into my thong, grabbing my ass, and caressing my muscles. When I spoke with her, I held her hand, and she loved it. Perhaps she was turned on from earlier. I wanted to give her more attention, but everyone else continued to redirect me back to the bachelorette.

One girl came up to tell me how hot I was. She told me that I was hot  and sexy at least two dozen times.

"The only reason I'm not all over you right now is because I'm married, but damn, you're so hot and amazing!" she said.

I told her that her compliments were beginning to embarrass me.

She continued, "Every girl here thinks you're hot too. Most of them aren't participating because they're shy or married, but they're eyeing you!"

I didn't know if she was just trying to flatter me, but the tip money echoed her sentiments. Several twenty-dollar bills accompanied the ones. I would leave this party well paid.

When I got dressed to leave, I went out on the back patio to bid farewell to everyone. The bachelorette and a few girls were swimming around the pool. A few of them were topless, but the bachelorette had all of her clothes on.

The bachelorette climbed out to give me a hug. She was completely soaked. Oh well. I gave her a hug. I was wearing a button down shirt, my pleather pants, and my knee high boots.

"Come join us in the water," she said with a slur and a stumble.

"No, that's all right," I said.

She attempted to grab me and pull me into the water, but her drunkenness caused to sway in the direction of the of metal rail and the stairs leading out of the pool. Had she continued her course, she probably would have injured herself.

I leaped into action, embraced her, and twisted away from the rail and the stairs. We landed in the shallow end of the pool, but struck nothing. My clothes were soaked. Luckily I left my phone in the car.

Well, I got to swim in the pool finally. It was heated and felt great. I enjoyed the scenery of the ocean view, the white sandy beach, and the other topless girls in the pool with me.

One concerned girl asked if I had my phone on me. I assured her that I didn't. She got me a towel to dry off with and told me that I could it.

As I left, the girls vowed to hire me again for their next party.

"We come here all the time to party, and we want you to strip for us again... Maybe next time we'll get crazier!"

Money earned: $452 (maybe a little more, considering the money that fell under the couches and table).


  1. Great story. The condo sounds really nice. I wish you had mentioned taking your clothes off to swim in the pool. Did you skinny dip or swim in your thong or did you have underwear on? I bet the girls were demanding you to take your clothes off again, which is kind of funny because it's your second strip for that party.

    Thanks for posting the story.

    1. Girls are whores for wanting a guy to take off his clothes. Double standards here.

  2. Are you ready for Halloween? If so, are you going to post a Halloween story on here?