Tuesday, May 21, 2013

$1,500 Gig

My agent threw me a curve ball today.

There is an upcoming gig this Thursday that doesn't follow the typical bachelorette party procedures. It's a birthday event for a lady and the customer is none other than the lady's husband. According to my agent, the husband wants me to take his wife on a "fantasy date." 

The pay is supposedly going to be about 1,500 dollars, but I'm not getting my hopes up yet on its success. My last encounter with this kind of situation ended poorly---read 'Private Show for the Wife.'

The husband and his wife plan to celebrate her birthday this week at a beach resort, where I will meet them.

I called the husband to plan Thursday. He seems to be over fifty, possibly sixty. His wife is much younger than him, around forty. "She's still hot though," he said. "She's a fitness girl, works out all the time, has a stunning body, 5'4, weighs at 116 pounds, blonde, beautiful---you'll love her. She just feels like she's been going over the hill lately, so I want a younger guy to make her feel otherwise."

The initial plan was for me to meet the couple at a local club. I would approach the wife on the dance floor and try to pick up on her from there. If things go according to plan, I would spend more of the evening "showing" his wife a good time, possibly even going back to their hotel room and doing "whatever the wife wanted to do", according to the husband.

One problem though. The wife is not aware of any of this.

This plan could backfire in many ways. First, the wife might dance with me for a short while before moving on to something else, or may even reject my advance altogether. Second, if she knew her husband paid me to "show her a good time," then she may get pissed and call off the whole charade. Also, I saw a lot of difficulty in convincing her, a complete stranger, to spend the rest of the evening with me just from an approach on the dance floor where the music is too loud and the atmosphere is too crowded. Then, there was the issue of meeting the husband at the club for payment without the wife knowing.

The husband responded by saying that I could meet him at the hotel beforehand while the wife was laying out by the swimming pool. That gave me the idea for a new plan.

"How about this," I told him. "I can arrive at the hotel early and go to the swimming pool and strike up a conversation with your wife and go from there. I'll pretend that I'm also staying at the hotel on a business trip with nothing to do for the day. While I'm talking to her, you can come up and introduce yourself. After discovering that I'm in town alone, you can invite me out to dinner and the club with your wife. I'll ride along in the same vehicle as you guys. She'll feel a little more obligated to have me along then, and I'll have the whole night to spend with her."

"That sounds like a great plan!" he said. "Maybe we'll try that."

"Hopefully, she'll go along with it," I said.

"Oh, she will. I'm sure she will. You just show her a good time. I got everything else covered---your food, drinks. Afterwards, we can go back to the hotel room and you can do with her whatever she wants."

A unique gig, to say the least. Only Thursday will tell.

(Continued here: Part 2)


  1. not sheriff srs

    pics of wife or it didin't happen

    also picture of your cawk pls

  2. Sounds interesting.
    Hope it goes well.
    Can't wait to hear about it

  3. If Zyzz was still around he would tell you are one huge phaggot.

  4. I want your life. Good luck tomorrow though. Looking forward to your post.

  5. Cant wait to hear about that!!!

  6. Not sheriff cereal, but will stay tuned