Thursday, May 9, 2013

E-mails From Pam

Pamela has been reading my blog for awhile now and has been fantasizing about the idea of having just a one-on-one private party with a male stripper. She wrote about what she would like to do if I were her male dancer, and even sent me a few erotic pictures of herself. With her permission, I'm sharing the content of some of her e-mails with you, but she wanted to keep the pictures private.

Maybe one of you aspiring male dancers will get her as a client one day. It would be a very enjoyable show to say the least.

Without further ado, here are her messages:

Hello sexy Dion-

I hope you're doing well and that you enjoyed your Caribbean vacation!  Again, I've been enjoying your blog updates and the stories of your first few experiences stripping very much.  You are such an eloquent and descriptive writer!  You bring your experiences to life through your words and I'm thoroughly enjoying them.   I loved the latest photo you posted as well - one of the first shots taken of you.  MMMM what a gorgeous body..and the tease of the thong peeking out of your jeans definitely had my juices flowing.  I was fantasizing I lived in your area of the country and hired you for a private show mmm oh the things I'd let you do to me:)

I hope you're having a wonderful week and look forward to hearing from you and reading and seeing much more on your blog.

 The following e-mail:

Hi Dion-
What a lovely way to start my Sunday with a note from you;)  You definitely put a smile on my face and a warm tingly sensation between my legs when I read your stories and look at your sexy pictures.
MMMMMM and if I did hire you locally, I'd want you to write about it:)  It would turn me on to read your thoughts on our show...and knowing that others were reading about it and hopefully getting turned on, jealous, or both would be very exciting to me!!
Here's a little of what I imagine......I picture myself in a nice hotel property somewhere in your neck of the woods.  You come to my room and have selected one of your favorite stripper costumes that you know will tantalize me but is also one that makes you feel really hot and sexy.  I assume you do a cop most of the time?  That would be exciting, but really anything you selected would, I'm sure, be wonderful.  I'd be wearing a dress that is a bit low cut to show off my big tits.  They're hard to hide, but hopefully seeing them spilling out of my dress would be exciting for you as well.   What you wouldn't know (yet) is that I'm not wearing any panties under my dress.  I have stockings and a garter, but no panties, which makes me feel even more sexy and naughty:)  You'd place me where you wanted me and begin your show....I might be a little shy and breathless at first, but as you continue dancing and disrobing, my excitement and enjoyment would win out and I'd be a very active participant, applauding, cheering and tipping you generously.  My hands would reach out to touch your perfect body as you danced close to me, and I imagine you'd be touching me as well...getting more bold as the dance continues.  Your very full thong would be tantalizing me and I'd be dying to reach out and touch you....pull that thong off so I can see your beautiful cock.  I'm sure it's as perfect as the rest of you....but I'd refrain. Under my skirt, my juices would be flowing liberally by now....and a very naughty thought would pop into my head.  As you danced away, with your back to me so I can marvel at your gorgeous ass, I'd pull my skirt up around my waist.  You'd turn around and see me, legs spread wide, my pussy fully exposed to you, rubbing my clit and fingering my juicy pussy.  MMMMMM see what you do to me?  I'd say as I continue to finger myself
mmmmmm  now I've got myself very turned on mmmm  and i can imagine a lot more from there ohhhh
I hope you have a lovely Sunday Dion.  I look foward to hearing more from you.



  1. Hi Pam, this is what I would do to Dion too! LOL! I'm turned on as well. Oh I want you inside me dion.

  2. Seriously Dion, you should upload more sexy photos of you. There aren't a lot of those in your blog. And there is nothing to blame to Pam. I'd like to have you between my legs too baby. You know, whispering in pleasure in my ears...mmmm...moaning loudly and cummin' together like crazy, with my delicate hands around your tight butt and your strong arms holding my body trembling and shaking in ecstasy. All that after having enjoyed a private show (thong, sensual music and dance...everything) with you first ... in my bedroom :P. Oh Dion It would be a night to remember. Kisses babe.


  3. I'd like to hear more stories like the stripping for Japanese students or more of your wilder parties where things may of gotten out of hand. I know if you stripped for my girlfriends and I there would be much that could keep us from pulling your thong down and grabbing your beautiful cock at the very least. I'm surprised you don't have this happen to you all the time.

  4. I plan on doing so---I have yet to write about some of the wilder parties.

    I try to document the recent ones, even if they are mediocre, because I'll forget them if I don't. There are so many forgotten parties early on in my career, and I wish I had documented them so I could remember.

    There are crowds that are just as fun as you and your girlfriends, but they come around every once in awhile. I had a recent one that was pretty good, and I'll post that up soon. I just need to go through it and proofread it again (it's kind of long).

  5. So if I am to understand what happened in japan. You were trusted to teach some students and you end up molesting two of them, forcing them to give you a hand job. What a professional you aren't.

  6. Forcing them??

    I didn't force them to do anything. They willingly participated and bought me gifts when I left. We maintained contact through e-mails for awhile. One of them even made plans to visit me in the States.

    The admin at my school branch even knew that I hung out with them.