Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Male Stripping Q & A (May 2013)

It's been awhile since I posted my answers to various questions publicly. Loads of questions came in recently, so here they are (all complete with grammar and spelling mistakes):

1.)  From Devohnta

I read all about u in your blog is it possible u can email me info on hoe to become one

My answer:

Thanks for reading, but if you read a little more, you would have found your answer by now.


2.) From Gurj 
Can can you get into the male stripping Industry ?


My answer:

I'm already in the male stripping industry. I assume you're asking me how to get you into it, right?


3.) From Arun

Hey Dion This is Arun and i am 21 years old mumbai based guy. I want to be a Stripper but i don't know that from where i can start i mean i don't have any contacts in this field. If you can help me in that please contact (phone number redacted). 

My answer:

Hi Arun. Have you checked out my "How to Become a Male Stripper" tab at the top of my website? I suggest you start there. I'm adding more information to it all the time, so check back for more updates.

I really can't help you with contacts since you're based in Mumbai and I'm in southern Alabama---we're on opposite ends of the world for crying out loud. Even if I could help you, I'm not going to call you internationally.

You have an internet connection, so utilize the search engine. You'll be surprised at what you'll find. You live in a big place like Mumbai, full of people and potential customers. I live in the countryside where I see more wild animals than people, and if I can find stripping work out here, then you can find a TON of work where you live.


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