Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tough Party 05/03/2013

These girls were actually locals, not tourists---a rarity. It was a bachelorette party comprised of black girls that took place in a nice suburb. I came with my typical cowboy costume.

These women weren't mean. They tipped well and treated me with a moderate amount of civility as one can give at a bachelorette party. The main problem was their shyness since most of them scurried away from my approach and wouldn't participate at all. If there's one ingredient that spoils a bachelorette party, it's shyness.

There were about a dozen girls in attendance, and out of all of them, only three participated with me, and by 'participate', I mean sitting still and not running from the male stripper. Even the bachelorette, who was too drunk to stand up, tried to escape my proximity against the wishes of her friends.

"Put it on her face," one of her friends told me. I tried, but the bachelorette ran and stumbled into a wooden chair and collapsed on the floor. I decided that chasing her further to deliver my package onto her face would result in some serious injuries.

After about fifteen minutes into the party, I tried to leave, but the girls wanted me to dance more. The problem was that there was no one to dance with. I lingered around about five more minutes and managed to dance with one tall girl who had on a pair of black shiny leggings.

The girls had a "no picture" rule, so after completing my dancing, I called an end to the party. The crowd thanked me kindly. Two girls gathered my tip money from the floor and gave it to me.

It was a tough, yet generous crowd. However, this was one of those parties where money was the sole motivating factor. I hope the show booked for tomorrow adds some joyful flavor to the mix.


  1. I'm married and I'm shy, but I want to get a male stripper for my graduation party. Now I don't know. I want it to be fun for everyone including him. Thanks for posting this story.

  2. Don't let my story be the deterring factor for your party. Talk to your friends about it and see how they feel. Alcohol is also a cure for shyness for many people.