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Cuckold Party: April 13, 2013

Saturday - April 13, 2013

Destin, FL

Surprise Party

5 Girls (with some guys in attendance)

***This story is a little late due to its length and other events that followed.***

It was Saturday afternoon. I was casually shopping at an antique event when my agent called me for what I presumed to be a last minute show.

"Hey, do you have any friends that can strip with you for a surprise party tonight in Destin?" he asked.

His request was quite out of the ordinary. Most private parties request just one guy. I thought about my agent's question for a second and wondered how I would get another dancer. Most of my friends are married with kids and out of shape. The ones who were in decent shape were unable to do so because of marriage, work, or other obligations that affect middle aged men. . "No," I said at length. "I can't think of anyone."

"You sure? I just need a body---just anyone. You can carry the show."

I mulled over my list of acquaintances. My friend's younger brother came to mind, but he lacked the charismatic personality necessary to enthrall a crowd.  "No, but I can do it alone," I said.

"Okay," the agent sighed. "You got the show. I'll text you the info in a minute... by the way, it's a husband who's the paying customer. He wants you to strip for his wife and her friends."

Interesting. Judging from my past experience, a husband who hires a male stripper for his wife was often either a swinger, or into the cuckold fetish, meaning that he derives sexual pleasure from watching his wife with another man. Those were my initial thoughts.

A phone call to the husband further cemented my suspicions. According to him, the girls have seen the movie called Magic Mike (which is about a male stripper) and they were curious to experience a male stripper firsthand, so the husband wanted to surprise them. I was going to be their surprise. After a little planning, we concluded that I would arrive in a police outfit for the girls.

Other husbands would be present of course, which caused me to feel a sense of trepidation to say the least. One should tread lightly on eggshells when discussing with a man the delicate matter of getting almost naked for his wife. I suggested a conservative routine, specifically stating that I did not want to offend anyone or go beyond personal boundaries.

"Trust me," he said. "You're not going to offend anyone here and you're not going to step beyond anyone's person boundaries. Do anything you want." His emphatic tone on 'anything' did not go unnoticed by me.

The laid-back response soothed my concerns about this party. It was probably going to be wild. Just a hunch from experience talking. "All right then!" I said. "See y'all at ten."

I arrived on time at 10 p.m. 

The location of the party was at a resort house owned by one of the party-goers. It was in one of those upscale neighborhoods where the houses were often rented out to snowbirds. Almost the whole neighborhood was a ghost town save a few houses on each street.

The husband came out to meet me outside. He was a middle-aged guy approaching his fifties, and he wore a polo shirt and khakis. Because he was older, I assumed that the women inside were around the forties to fifties age range

"You were sure fast gettin' here," he chuckled. "I thought you'd have trouble finding the place. I hired another guy who's coming at 10:30. Let's see if he finds his way here swiftly like you did."

I admit, a little skepticism gnawed at my insides at the mention of another male dancer. I've grown so accustomed to performing solo, and the last time another guy was present was at an all-male revue I performed at last November (read story here: Male Revue: 11/07/2012). I dismissed the notion for now and asked for the most important thing: payment.

The husband paid me the money and told me to allow him ten minutes to get some music playing and get all of the ladies situated in the living room. I was to knock on the door and pull the ole' 'noise complaint' routine.

I changed into my police costume next to my car on the street, which attracted very little attention due to the lack of residents in the neighborhood. I could see some of the party-goers inside. Half of them were men, probably the husbands. I hoped none of them were the jealous type, because what I was about to do would disturb the peaceful evening of a man lacking a more carefree disposition.

Summoning my best command presence, I knocked on the front door. Peering through the paned windows of the door, I saw the girls in the living room sitting and laughing. They did not hear me. This time, I gave the door a firm pounding. Still, no answer; they carried on as before. The husband who hired me was standing nearby the women, and he looked over and beckoned me to enter.

I opened the door.

All five of the women stared at me in surprise and awe. The woman closest to me was an older blonde lady who grinned at me and said, "Why hellooo, Officer." The rest were rather young, in their twenties to early thirties.

"The neighbors said they heard some screaming from this residence, so I'm here to do a welfare check and make sure that everything is okay," I announced.

One of the younger women laughed and said that everything was fine and that they were just having a small party. I advised her to keep the noise levels down. Meanwhile, the older blonde lady came up to me and touched my chest. "Aren't you a handsome cop? Why don't you take off that uniform and relax?"

The whole situation was like an opening to a porn movie.

I reached out my hand and took a firm grasp of her wrist and spun her around. Then, I reached behind towards the back of my gun belt and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. "Ma'am, you're under arrest for lewd and lascivious behavior on an officer."

"Oooo," she cooed. "Are you going to frisk me, officer?"

I cuffed her hands together. "Yes, I am. Now spread your legs."

"Yes, officer..." she said, spreading her feet apart. "I must warn you though--I'm not wearing panties."

I had very little doubt about how wild this party was going to be beforehand, but her statement just dispelled all doubt. "Now you don't have anything on you that's gonna get you in trouble, do you?" I asked.

"I don't know," she said. "Why don't you feel me and find out."

I placed both hands on her bare tanned legs. Her skin felt smooth and slick from whatever lotion she applied earlier. She wore a white skirt, and my hands groped her left inner thigh up her skirt to make a show that I was searching for hidden contraband. After squeezing her left ass cheek, I did the same on her right thigh, moving up her skirt.

As I 'frisked' her, the other girls murmured to each other in delight. One yelled out to me that she wanted me to search her next. Two of the ladies' husbands hovered in the background; their grins showed me that they enjoyed the show, and I relaxed a little.

 I set the blonde down into an armchair and begin to strip for her while dancing to the music. She showed a full set of white teeth as she smiled and watched. My gun belt came off first, followed by my police shirt. My leather-look vest and my black pants remained on. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down just a bit in the front to give her a peek of my thong beneath.

"Oh my God!" she said, looking at the other girls. "That's some sexy underwear!"

One girl peered over to investigate, then pulled my pants down a bit to shove a dollar into the side strap of my thong.

Next, I uncuffed the woman so she could have her hands free. I unzipped my vest, exposing my chest and abs, which she began caressing. My pants came off next--with her help. All of this happened in the span of a few minutes and my opened vest, my thong, and my patent leather boots were the only articles of clothing left on me.

I extended a hand to help her out of the armchair and we danced together, our bodies smothered together. My right leg was forward between her legs, pushing up against her skirt. She wrapped her arms around me and pressed against my leg. She wasn't kidding earlier when she said she had no panties on. I could feel her shaven vagina pressing up and down my leg.

I was about to continue dancing for the older blonde lady for a little longer until I looked over at the couch. Holy shit!  The sight before was unexpected. The young and very attractive brunette closest sat with her olive legs spread apart with her one-piece dress pulled up to her mid-section, exposing her purple, mesh, see-through underwear. She beckoned me to come between them.

Asking to be excused, I extricated myself away from the older blonde, promising to return for even more later, and went to the brunette. 

The brunette had some cash stuffed into her cleavage at the top of her dress, along with a few bills in the front of her thong. I could see where shaved a runway strip design above her pussy through the mesh material. I dove in to get the dollars, licking the fabric that outlined her pussy. Her breathing deepened and she ran her hands through my hair.

I continued to go up her midsection until I was pulling the cash from her cleavage while the bulge of my thong rubbed against her camel toe. Our interactions lasted a few minutes and I wanted to continue longer, but the girl sitting next to her had her dress pulled up with her legs spread and panties exposed in the same fashion, indicating to me that it was her turn.

She was a beautiful latina girl. Not wanting to do the same thing on as I did to the brunette before her, I lifted her off the couch and set her onto a rectangular, red Chinese rug covering the living room floor. I was going to get the dollar bills from her chest, but she lifted her dress above her chest, revealing her firm tits. They weren't large, but a handful with the nipples standing perky at attention.

"Suck on her tits," the brunette said, coming from the couch and leaning down next to me.

I looked around the room. The other girls waited expectantly at the edge of their seats. The husbands went outside to the patio, leaving the women to their fun. I heard their booming laughter, which told me that they were not bothered in the least by my actions. So I placed my mouth on one of the nipples in front of me. They hardened as I licked and lightly bit on them.

"Is it okay to touch you?" the Latina asked.

"There's a no touching rule," I said in a mock stern voice.

"Oh, okay..."

"Just kidding," I said. "You can touch anywhere you like."

"Oh!" The Latina reached down and began massaging my cock. She reached her fingers into my thong to gently feel it.

The exchange of pleasure was brief. There were other women waiting for a turn, so I stood up and looked for my next partner. The Latina seemed dismayed, but I assured her that I would return, thus keeping the tension going.

"How about Lindsey?" the brunette suggested.

"Yeah, go get Lindsey," the Latina added. "She just recently divorced."

"Don't tell him that!" Lindsey snapped, squirming uncomfortably in her chair, and gesturing that she wanted no part in the performance.

The other girls pleaded with her to 'have some fun' and after several protests from Lindsey, she finally relented and was on the floor beneath me almost completely naked save for a skimpy thong. Her exposed breasts were large, round, and fake. I could see the faint scars underneath them from her augmentation surgery, but they sure felt nice as I squeezed them---like water balloons but a little firmer.

I requested some alcohol so I could take the shots from Lindsey's midsection. The girls had other plans, however. The Latina poured a shot between her breasts and I darted in to get prevent as much liquid as possible from trickling elsewhere. I failed in my attempt, and had to lick the small rivets that ran down to Lindsey's neck.

After several more rounds of body shots, I turned Lindsey over to imitate a doggy-style position and as I thrust against her, the front of my thong rubbed against her pussy. She had a bad sun-burn on every part of her skin except from where she wore a bikini earlier in the day. Her tan line gave her an image as though she were wearing white panties over lobster red skin.

There was one more girl left, a blonde named Meredith who got up to leave the room when she realized it was possibly her turn.

"No thanks," Meredith said. "I'll just watch."

Meredith was a true blonde, unlike the many girls who dye their hair. Her eyes were pale blue. She seemed like the shyest one there. The other girls said that she had a "ghetto booty" and insisted that I spank it.

"Lift up your dress," the Latina said.

"Yeah, lift up your dress," Lindsey said. "I had to do it, so you're gonna do it too."

"No, I'm good. He can skip me..."

After much insistence from her friends, Meredith sighed and relented. "Oh, all right." She turned and faced away from me and hiked up her dress, revealing a very round, very bubbly ass with a purple lingerie thong. Her ass was a novelty since it was rather large, but no cottage cheese or stretch marks marred its surface. Just smooth and firm.

It was perfect. I grabbed it, squeezed it, and pushed myself between its crack.

Just as I did with the other girls before her, I placed Meredith on the ground. Her dress came off leaving only her purple and black thong remaining. Her breasts were small, but had an elegant shape and symmetry. I sucked on them for awhile as the brunette came up behind me to put some money into my thong, rubbing my cock in the process. As I took a few body shots from her belly button and between her breasts, the other male dancer arrived.

He wore a police costume. Some of the girls got up to greet him while he carried on like he was doing a police investigation on the party. I grinned. The sight of me on top of Meredith with her boobs on display on the living room floor must have given him an interesting first impression of this party. He introduced himself as "Giovanni." He was blonde, around my height, and had a European accent, which I later discovered that he was originally from Italy.

I returned my focus back to Meredith while he began interacting with the other girls. I was in my own world with Meredith and paid no attention to my surroundings.

The body shots and the breast suckling only swathed a path for more sexual tension, starting from her breasts, then up to her neck, and then lips. Our tongues met and intertwined, the others in the room forgotten. For some reason, I found it amusing that I sucked on her breasts before making out with her; it's not very often one gets to run to second base before going to first.

After making out awhile, I made my way down to Meredith's midsection and lavished attention upon her slow and sensual. She moaned in pleasure, running her hands along my back, and pushing her hips against me. I moved down between her legs. Her thong was wedged partially into her vagina. I traced my finger up along the crease until arriving at her clit, rubbing it gently. Her breathing deepened. I leaned down and began licking the fabric on top of her clit.

Intrigued by our intimacy, the Latina sauntered over and cooed as she watched. She stooped down to massage Meredith's breasts as I continued caressing Meredith with my tongue. The Latina's hands crawled over to me and ran their delicate touch all along my body. We were a trio of physical ecstasy writhing in the throes of passion.

I wondered if most people would count this as a threesome. 

Occasionally, I peered over my shoulder and saw the other male dancer, Giovanni, shirtless and burying the brunette underneath him on the couch. The only thing I could see of her were her legs sticking up in the air.

I resumed with Meredith and the Latina for a little while longer. Then, with great reluctance, I withdrew from Meredith and helped her up. Her face appeared flushed. Giovanni was working on another girl by now.

The party continued and some the husbands reentered the room to watch. A strong odor of burnt marijuana followed them. One made a suggestion of taking a girl's panty's off. One older guy with a mustache sat down with Meredith and held her hand, asking if she was having a good time. She nodded. I assumed that was her husband. Before long, most of the men cleared out of the room again, even the guy who held Meredith's hand.

Giovanni had stripped down to his underwear at this point was on top of the older blonde lady on the couch. Her legs were wrapped around him. I smiled, remembering that she wasn't wearing panties.

About twenty minutes later or juggling girls around, I noticed that they had their fill of male strippers--or at least of me. They tried to pass me over to each other, mostly Lindsey and Meredith. Lindsey shook her head and grabbed Meredith's arm. "Give her another turn. She seemed to really like you the first time."

So I was with Meredith again.

Lindsey stood by and asked, "What are you going to do next? You got anything else planned?"

I really didn't. I gave Meredith a tease of oral pleasure, took body shots off of her, sucked on her breasts, and made out with her. The only thing I haven't done with her was use my cock on her, which was out of the question due to the presence of the husbands. However, male stripping in general is a very dynamic in nature, with situations ever constantly changing. Improvisation is a must in this profession. It only took a moment for me to formulate a plan.

"Got some massage oil or lotion?"

"Ohhhh," Lindsey said. "We don't have massage oil, but we have lotion somewhere."

"I'll need that then."  I looked to Meredith and said, "Are you okay with a massage?"

She smiled. "Of course!"

I instructed Meredith to lay flat on her stomach on the couch. She had her dress back on at this point, so I suggested for her to pull it up. She responded by taking the whole thing off and throwing it on the floor. I climbed atop of her, just sitting behind her round ass, my package resting on it. Lindsey returned at this time with the lotion, which I took and poured in my hand. I lathered the lotion together and began slowly massaging Meredith's bare back.

"I didn't know we could get massages too!" the brunette said.

"Want a turn next?" I asked.

"Yes, but let Meredith have it," she smiled. "She seems to be enjoying it.

The massage continued. I pressed my thumbs into the muscle tissue of Meredith's back.

"This feels sooo good," she said.

"Do you mind if I move this aside?" I asked her, grabbing the side straps of her underwear.

"Go ahead."

I pulled them down, leaving her completely nude. From there, I moved onto massaging her ass. One technique I used was pushing my elbow into her muscles and trailing it from her upper back all the way down to her ass cheek. She exhaled each time I pressed into her and asked me to continue. I repeated the technique a few times, then moved onto her inner thighs, climbing back up to the outside of her pussy.

At this time, I was vaguely aware of my surroundings. I heard Giovanni talking to the other girls, but paid little heed. My vision focused only on Meredith in front of me, everything in the background seemed dim. Giovanni could have been getting a blowjob and I wouldn't have noticed.

I brushed my fingers up and down her pussy, which was very wet.

"Someone is very turned on," I said.

"I've been turned on," she said. 

I touched her for a short period of time, then stopped to return to massaging. Every now and again, I would resume feeling her. She complained that I was teasing her, but there was not really much more I could do with others in the vicinity.

I wondered how this party would have turned out had all of these girls been single and without men present. I could easily see a sex fest.

The party seemed to wind down by the time I finished with Meredith's massage. One of the girls decided to call it a night soon and thanked us. As Giovanni and I gathered our belongings and money, we finally made the proper introductions to each other. We arranged to meet after the party to discuss possible business.

When I said my goodbyes to everyone, one of the husbands thanked me for "providing a good time for the girls." At the beginning of my career, I would have thought this party as weird, especially since the husbands were watching their wives getting fondled by younger, more muscular man. Now, I learned to accept this crowd as just one of the wilder, kinkier groups who like to have fun.

After leaving, Giovanni and I went to TGI Fridays, one of the few restaurants still open after midnight, to discuss a few things including the party we just worked at. It's a rarity for me to relate with someone on work matters in this profession. Most of the time, I'm all alone when it comes to talking about work. Now, here was someone who understands what I do, to compare notes with. 

My impression of Giovanni was that he was a very friendly and outgoing guy. He thought of male stripping as a business offering a service to customers, and his goal was to provide good service. Giovanni was a few years older than me, 37 to be exact, and he had been stripping since he was a college student in his early 20s. He was in great shape and seemed to take the job seriously. I liked him.

I asked him what he thought about the party we just did.

"Those were some fun girls," he said. "Did you see that blonde older lady? She had no panties. You could see her pussy!"

I laughed.

When we left TGI Fridays, I exchanged contact information with Giovanni. He agreed to do an interview for my website. I had a feeling that this wouldn't be my last encounter with him.

Once I got home, I realized that the girls tipped me a lot of twenties, tens, and fives in lieu of one dollar bills. Not only did they make my night in the physical and sensual sense, but they provided in excess financially.

What a great night of work.

Post script: Giovanni gave a complete interview, which will be posted in the near future.


  1. I was sort of hoping you would have had a 5 on one reverse gangbang with all those women. But I guess getting to suck on some of their tits and making out with some of them isn't such a bad consolation prize.

  2. It'd be nice if women are as wild as this in every strip party you go to. That was some hot interactions you had there with them. Especially with that Meredith woman. Teasing her pussy like that; that must be so hot.

    Dion, hope you don't mind me asking this, but I wonder if Dion is also the name you use with your agency. I mean what are the odds that these people you strip for would Google you and come across this blog?

  3. If I were there with my husband I would have pulled your cock out of the side of your thong and sucked on it right in front of him. Bet it would drive him wild. I can't believe none of those women were so bold. Disappointing really.

  4. @1st post: No complaints from my end. Giovanni might be able to add more. His interview will be up soon.

    @2nd post: My agency doesn't list me. I guess you could say that I'm a blind date. And yes, it would be great if women were like that at every party of mine. It was more than just wild---it was a combination of their hospitality, their excellent tipping, and how well they treated me that made them so great.

    @3rd post: Now that sounds like a wild party!

  5. Warning: Be careful of married women with grown sons, including teens and young adults. These guys are more likely to be violent towards male strippers who give lap dances to their married mothers.

    Imagine you being confronted by a teenage or adult son (who is visiting or lives nearby) for giving lap dances to their married mother since you are a homewrecker.

    1. I've been doing this for more than ten years and never had a problem that you had just described. You have no idea what you're even talking about.

      As far as homewrecker goes, I am not doing anything but showing up and doing what I am paid for by the customers. You are just placing blame on me in this matter, out of misplaced spite.

      And judging from your other posts on my site, you are upset at the idea of me stripping for women and would like for someone to confront and fight me for it. Does the idea of your mom having a male stripper on her piss you off so much?