Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Sinful Saturday

A two-hour drive. One-way. Bachelorette party.

The girl who hired me seemed really nice and outgoing on the phone. That's usually a good sign. She also asked that I wear a police uniform.

The house was located in a nice subdivision near the coast. Green lawns, luscious trees, and red brick houses dotted the landscape.

Instead of staying inside, the girls placed everything outside: the bar, the food, the music. That was different, but at least the owner of the house had a privacy fence so the neighbors couldn't watch.

A few girls ushered me in. The bachelorette knew I was coming, so I had no need to attempt a cop routine. I just told the bachelorette that she was under arrest, and she willingly (and happily) accepted whatever I had to offer.

I made my rounds with the girls as usual. I felt a few hands grab and slap my ass. That was another good sign, especially for body shots. I felt one girl softly bite my ass cheek while she was posing for a picture. I didn't see who it was, because I was too busy taking a body shot from another girl's bellybutton.

In the meanwhile, I gathered some information about the girls. Most of them were around twenty-two years old, with the exception of three ladies who were relatives. Most of these girls either knew each other from high school or work. Three of the younger girls showed off their tits, which were very nice, although I've been getting used to the sight by now.

I saw that one of the blonde girls was fixated on me. She whispered into another girl's ear while grinning and giggling. I'll call her Jessica.

"You're talking about me," I said to her. "What'd you say?"

"I was just saying that you have the nicest ass I've seen in a long time," Jessica said.

I smiled at her. She continued to stare at me.

"No, I mean you have the nicest ass I've ever seen on a guy."

I widened my eyes, looked around at everyone and made an exaggerated gesture toward Jessica. "Hey y'all! I think Jessica here has an ass fetish! Was this the girl who was bitin' my ass earlier?"

The girls laughed.

"That was you, wasn't it?" I asked Jessica.

"Maybe," she said.

With the exception of three women who didn't want to dance, I danced with every girl at the party except Jessica. By now, the interest upon the male dancer was beginning to wear thin. This was when I usually announced an opportunity for group photos, but I had one more thing in mind: "Who's next?" I asked.

Jessica stepped forward. "Me!"

As I laid her on a large wooden lawn chair, several girls ran forward and stuff dollar bills into the bottom of her very short shorts. One girl stuck a strawberry in Jessica's mouth and told me to get it.

I went to pull the first dollar bill from Jessica's shorts with my teeth. As I approached it, I licked her inner thighs until I reached the dollar. Jessica bucked her hips slightly.

"You enjoyin' the party?" I asked.

"Mmmmm," she moaned through the strawberry that was still between her teeth.

I took my time with the rest of the dollar bills. By now, the other girls have seen most of my performance and some were filtering toward inside the house. No one stood around us.

Finally I arrived at the strawberry. As I bit into it, I felt our lips touch, then I felt her tongue.

We continued briefly until I pulled away. I looked around. No one saw us. I really wanted Jessica, but I discovered from long ago that making out with a particular girl created unwanted circumstances, such as being ostracized or avoided.

I got the last dollar bill up and helped Jessica off the lawn chair. Her blonde hair gave off a frazzled appearance. I made a mental note to get her number later, somehow.

I began to put my clothes on and relax. The performance was over. The girls invited me to stay, hang out, and eat and drink. So I did. I ate fruit, crackers, and cheese. One of the girls baked some brownies which were extremely good.

As I ate, the girls asked if I worked any other "normal" jobs. I told that I did and named a few from my list. When I mentioned that I taught English, they all became surprised.


"You taught while you stripped?!"

I shook my head. "No, I taught after quitting stripping for awhile."

"I bet you were really popular with your female students."

"Some," I said.

Jessica came up and put on a hand on my arm. "I wish you were my teacher. I'd flirt with you all day."

I laughed.

"So what would you do if the students hit on you?" another girl asked.

"I'd threaten to write 'em up," I said.

"Then I'd act up in your class all the time," Jessica said, grinning at me. "I'd ask for detention in a room alone with you."

I gave Jessica a playful slap on the ass. "So along with your ass fetish, you're also into role-playing?"

"Well you do have a fine ass," Jessica said. "You're just fine all the way. I wish you taught at my school."

Those last words struck me. I wasn't sure if I heard her right. I maintained a smile with her, but now I was wondering. Maybe she was in college. I figured the best way to find out is to throw subtlety aside. "How old are you?"

"Eighteen. Why?"

"Oh, just curious." I graduated high school when I was seventeen. Hell, I even started college when I was seventeen. "Are you in college?"

"No. In high school."

"Oh, okay," I said. I diverted the conversation to a different topic that didn't involve school or sexual matters. I presented an air of nonchalance. Yet on the inside, I was shocked.

I had just made out with a high school girl. And I wanted much more. I felt rather dirty just then, which I find funny, because I do tons of dirty things in this profession.

As I was struggling to find things to say to Jessica, another girl came up and said that she wanted my contact information. She told me that I did an awesome job and wanted to book me for her own bachelorette party. I guess that she didn't see me make out with Jessica. It was a good thing I stopped when I did.

I gave the girl my contact information. I stayed and ate a little longer, then I drove home.

So overall I dry-humped a dozen girls, took body-shots from a few girls, saw three pairs of tits, and made out with a high school girl. And I got paid three-hundred dollars for doing so. I really do have a sinful job.


  1. good piece of fantasy dion, funny you remember every single word spoken during your sinful weekend.

  2. You got me there. Everything on here is fantasy. I fabricate everything, including the pictures.