Monday, April 5, 2010

Male Stripper Questions - Part 13

Question I: Are there differences between different races of women in how they act at such events? - Paul


That's a difficult question to answer. So I'm going to list my observations from parties of different races I have done and let you come to your own answer:

- Asian: I've only done one party where all the girls were Asian, and they belonged to a sorority. Stripping for them was like stripping for the typical college girl crowd--they were all very nice to me and even tried to hook me up with one of the girls.

- Indian: I have done two parties. The first party was mostly Indian girls, but there were a few who were white and black. The second party had two Indian girls and two white girls, totally four---this party makes my top 5 list of craziest parties ever.

- Black: I have done several parties where all the girls were black. My first agency only had one black male dancer, so he was ALWAYS first choice. If he couldn't work, then I was second choice due to my mixed lineage. From my observations, black guys are almost always first choice though. Since my current agency doesn't have any black male dancers in my area, I do most of these parties (and I hope no black guy gets hired, because I enjoy having the monopoly on stripping for black girls). These parties were usually conservative too, although there have been a few wild exceptions.

- Latinas: I have only done a few latina parties. These girls often think I'm from South America. I sometimes lie and tell them I am. Latina parties are fun, because I can add some salsa dancing to my routine---almost every girl at these parties know the basics of salsa. Most of these parties I had done tended to sway toward the wild side---one group of latinas even ripped my thong off.

- Whites: I pretty much describe this type of party in every story I write.

- Middle Eastern: I haven't stripped for any Middle Eastern girls yet, but I would like to!

In conclusion, you really can't label groups of people and place them into specific compartments and expect a certain behavior.

Also, because I work around the rural South, most of the market is white Southern girls. So rarely do I ever find a party of one specific ethnicity. Usually I have mixed party that is predominantly white: for instance, 10 white girls, 2 black girls, 1 latina, and 2 Asians. If I were in Chicago where the Caucasian is the minority, then perhaps I would have a different experience...or maybe not.

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