Saturday, April 3, 2010

Male Stripper Questions - Part 12

More e-mails. More questions. For today, I'll answer two questions from Lydia.

Question I: Does everyone around you know that you strip? What about your parents? - Lydia


No. Very few people know that I strip. My closest friends know...and you, the readers.

When I first started stripping, I used to broadcast that I stripped to many people. I was younger and dumber and wanted to look cool. Although a lot of people found it fascinating that I stripped, I lost a sense of professionalism as a result. When others have an image of you taking off your clothes for a living, first impressions change and people don't take you seriously. As soon as I realized this, I changed my attitude about this, allowing people to get to know me first before telling anything about stripping.

My parents don't know about it. One reason that I started this blog was to create an outlet to talk about my job. I witness some of the most bizarre and exciting things in life and I can't share it with many people, so I write them down here instead.
Question II: just out of curiosity what do you look for in a woman? like what do you qualities do you like? :o) - Lydia

Here are the cliche qualities I look for in women: Honesty, good manners, classiness, innocence, kindness, and a sense of humor.

Here are the more narrow qualities I look for in a woman: Independence, loyalty, and intelligence. I value independence, because I despise the notion of someone "needing" me to live their life. Loyalty should be obvious. I highly prize an intelligent girl, but only one who maintains a modesty about her intelligence; no one likes know-it-alls.

Here are the exceptional qualities I want in a woman: A high desire for kinky sex such as dressing in latex, wearing boots or heels, getting tied-up, or indulging in some other similar fetish. A woman who likes to invite other beautiful women is a bonus, of course. I have noticed that these kinky qualities conflict with some of the other aforementioned qualities like innocence, creating a paradox. That is true, as I have yet to meet a woman who carries all my favorite characteristics. Oh well...A man can still dream.


  1. Why did you decide to become a stripper?

  2. When you are working, what etiquette do you wish the women patrons would follow during your performance or when you walk around?

  3. @ J.D.:

    The stories on "why" I became a stripper are now up. Click on the tab "Male Stripper Stories" above and you should be able to find the links to the stories of my early years.

    @ Anonymous:

    The etiquette I prefer involves the women not being demanding or bossy. That's all really... Demanding women tend to ruin the fun for both the male stripper AND their girlfriends. I like the women to just kick back, relax, let me do my performance, and participate whenever necessary.