Monday, October 18, 2010

Male Stripping Questions - Part 19

Thanks to all you readers out there. You and your e-mails give me motivation to continue this blog. Here's another e-mail.

Hey Dion

Great blog. I envy you and your lifestyle. lol I do have a few questions. Has anyone man wanted to fight you because of jealousy? Like a dude's girl was coming onto you and he got pissed?

How successful are you at picking up girls? Can you easily get a girl you want? Looking forward to your other advice.

Thanks man!


I've seen a few jealous guys in my time. For the most part, I don't go out of my way to screw with their girlfriends/wives/crushes, but they find a reason to hate me anyway (though when I was younger I did). Some guys want to fight me; these are usually rednecks. Most of the others guys content themselves to indirectly yelling threats.

Here are a few encounters I had:

1.) 2004 - I performed for a girl's birthday party. There were both college girls and guys present. Most of the guys left as soon as I started stripping. After my performance, three of the girls invited me to go to the clubs afterward. They offered to pay for everything as long as I would drive, so I tagged along. I went to the club and danced with all three girls.

As I was driving the girls back from the clubs, one of the girl's boyfriend called and demanded where she was. She told him that she was with her two friends and "the stripper." He became so enraged that I could hear every word he started screaming to her through the phone. He told her that he was going to kill me as soon as I showed up. She tried to calm him down. He became even angrier.

I told the girl that if he boyfriend put his hands on me, then I would send him to the hospital. I don't know if he heard me or not through the phone, but as soon as I showed up to drop the girls off, he was nowhere in sight. Even worse for him, his girlfriend gave me her phone number.

2.) 2003 - Cowboy bar. A family reserved a section of the bar and wanted me to strip for a lady who was turning forty. Her husband paid me. They wanted me to wear a cowboy outfit.

As soon as I entered the bar, I saw over a hundred people. Most of the men wore cowboy hats, along with some of the girls. My heart sank when I saw the reserved section---it was in plain view of the whole bar.

I began to strip for the birthday lady. Her family and friends treated me well, giving me a substantial tip. They were all kind and generous. I looked out beyond them into the rest of the crowd and saw some young girls smiling at me. One girl beckoned me over with her finger. Another waved a dollar to get my attention. Near them, I saw some cowboys with faces darkened with anger. I stayed in the reserved area.

After the performance, a gigantic cowboy bouncer told me that he was going to escort me out. "A lot of boys in here are jealous 'cause of you gettin' all the attention from the ladies," he said. I looked at the crowd and saw many friendly female faces, but equally as many menacing male faces. The birthday lady's husband offered to walk me out as well. Both of the men accompanied to my car. Without them, I might have had some trouble.

3.) 2007 - College apartment. A mother and father hired me to strip for their daughter's 21st birthday.

Unfortunately, there were college guys in attendance, although most of them vacated the living room as soon as I started my routine. I stripped for the birthday girl in front of her friends, while the parents stayed in the kitchen. The girls seemed to enjoy themselves. They cheered me on as I did push-ups over the birthday girl, burying my crotch into her face with each push-up.

Then, a college boy passed by the living room and said, "If he touches my girl, I'll kick the shit outta him."

I stopped my routine and looked up at him. I noticed he wasn't even looking at me.

"Let me get something straight," I said. "I'm not here to mess with your girl, or try to steal her from you. If she doesn't want me around her, then I go to somebody else. Your insecure attitude will make you to lose her faster than anything I could ever do. And by the way, you won't do shit to me."

The whole room went silent with the exception of the radio. Without a word, the college boy left the room. One girl laughed. I apologized to the whole room for the encounter, but the girls took sides with me. I finished my routine without seeing the college boy again.


A few more jealous-man incidents have occurred, but I either listed them before or cannot recall them now. Either way, these situations don't happen often. When they do happen, they happen with little to no provocation on my part.

Ironically, I don't recall dealing with any jealous man when I was actually was interacting a little too much with his girl.


  1. For the most part, I don't intentionally try to screw with their girlfriends/wives/crushes.

    I have to disagree with you on that part. Even though you say your not trying to,you clearly do and hook up with these girls knowing that they have a boyfriend yet at the time your only thinking with your dick and not your brain at the time,so yes you do intentionally do it.But then again most of those girls who are at your parties are sluts/whores anyways.

  2. That's why I said "for the most part." For the hundreds of parties I have done, I refrained from pursuing girls who were taken.

    I had my moments of course! But like you said, most of the girls that came onto me weren't the most faithful of the bunch.

  3. The guy who said that if you touched his girl he would kick the shit outta you. You gotta at least remember that that is his girlfriend after all. Your literally burying your crotch in another guys girls face. Who wouldn't get pissed off at the sight of that. You honestly can't tell me you wouldn't be jealous if some other guy did that to your girl. I'm just sayin is all.

    Your insecure attitude will make you to lose her faster than anything I could ever do.

    I don't really think he was insecure about anything,just pissed as I quoted before. What exactly did you mean by the insecurities part?

  4. Actually, I never danced with his girl. Several girls sat off to the side and didn't want to be bothered.

    I was doing the pushups on the birthday girl, and he got upset from that. I'm sure he thought that I would try that on his girl next, but if a girl doesn't want me near her, then I respect her wishes.

    Even the birthday girl's dad thought that the kid was being dramatic.

    1. If the boyfriend is her dad's favorite, he will tolerate his son-in-law being dramatic and crazy over this.

  5. Yeah,I know,im just saying,he does have a right to get pissed even though you didn't go to his girl. You know, cause if you see some random stripper/guy doing something sexual to your girlfriend,like you said,your burying your crotch in their faces push-ups routine,and she is enjoying while their boyfriend is there and she isn't doing anything to stop it,thats just a slap to the face to the guy cause it shows she apparently doesn't care about her boyfriends feelings. I'm not sayin that it was your fault or anything why he said that to you even though you were doing it to the bday girl,but it would be a bit of a concern knowing that you could be doing it to his girlfriend after seeing it done to another girl.

    Im not trying to make a big case out of it,im just sayin that it is a bit disrespectful to them even though its not your fault. I mean,if you were in his shoes,you would have probably cared making sure she didn't cheat as well because of the alcohol and atmosphere,with alcohol involved(not always)and girls egging them on to do this and that.

    If i was in his shoes i probably would have just went over to her and told her I felt uncomfortable with her doing anything like that with you and if she could have just gotten a lap dance or something from ya instead, not threaten you.

  6. There are some parties where the husbands/boyfriends are present. I make it a point to avoid contact with their women unless requested otherwise. Yes, sometimes the husbands/boyfriends do ask me to interact with their women.

    The problems mostly stem from girls who approach me when their boyfriends are present. These girls will start flirting or fondling me, and I have no idea that they even have a boyfriend! These situations are the worst and sometimes can't be avoided, even when trying.

  7. I also meant to point that out, you have no idea they have a boyfriend as well unless they tell you,you ask or he is present or after she freaks out and knows he is coming (which at that point it is to late to do anything).

    1. This guy throws himself at cheating girls like any guy would. In other words, he throws himself at girls who cheat on the great guy they have.

  8. Guys can date girls with boyfriends and married girls and get beat up over them.