Monday, October 18, 2010

Male Stripping Questions - Part 20

I forgot to answer the last part of Jake's e-mail during my last update. I also received another e-mail regarding male stripper porn videos.

I'll start with Jake's question:

How successful are you at picking up girls? Can you easily get a girl you want? Looking forward to your other advice.

When it comes to single women who share the same interests as I do, then I guess I'm pretty successful. Out of the last five girls I really wanted, I succeeded in getting with all five.

However, I had a much different story when I was younger. Hell, I hardly used to get laid before I became a male stripper.


Now here was the question about the porn videos:

Hi Dion. Are you familiar with CFNM (clothed female nude male) vidoes on the net? in case you havent they are videos of a male stripper having sex with many women at a party. do you think this is real? Or fake? have you done anything like this?

Yes, I have heard of CFNM. No, these videos are not real in the sense of an authentic male stripper at an actual bachelorette party .

I am very sure that a porn studio sets up these "sex parties" and everyone in the video is tested before having sex. If these videos are selling in the United States, then the porn company has to ensure compliance with Code 2257. Therefore, these videos of the male strippers and the crazy girls fucking them are really just a bunch of porn actors doing their job.

Do you really think that a bunch of girls having fun at a bachelorette (hen) party will allow a camera crew to video tape them blowing a male stripper so everyone on the Internet can see?

Another fake aspect of these videos is the fact that every girl is usually attractive. At a real bachelorette/hen party, there is a large mixture of beautiful, ugly, plain, fat, skinny, average girls.

One last thing: A room full of girls won't have unprotected sex with a male stripper...usually.

To conclude, these male stripper videos are simply just porn. While the videos may resemble some aspects of a male stripping job, they greatly exaggerate the circumstances. The occasional girl who blows the male stripper in reality becomes a frequent room of girls who take turns sucking male-stripper cock in the porn video.

For those with any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me:

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  1. Great stuff dude, thanks for clearing that up...makes perfect since-- I had same question. and you hit all points.. thank you.