Friday, May 9, 2014

A Sweet Job Offer

I work for a few agencies. One of them has an opening for a male stripper position to cover the areas near me. The company asked me to search around for a potential employee because it's very difficult for them to find any good talent They hooked me up with a lot of work, so why not return the favor? Plus, they offered to pay me a referral fee for doing so.

Some people may think that I'm setting up potential competition to replace me, but that was not the case. The agency would give me first dibs on all shows. I am reliable and established. The new guy would get the shows that I turned down or couldn't do. No problem for me, and the agency and the new male stripper benefit. Hell, even I benefit from a kickback. Everyone wins.

There was a 21-year-old guy in my gym who fit the bill. He had the looks, the build, the height, and an outgoing and friendly personality. Moreover, he's a college student and works a minimum wage job. In other words, he had perfect recipe for becoming a male stripper. He even reminded me of a younger version of myself when I first started stripping at 21, except this guy was taller, better built, and better looking.

Throughout the course of several gym visits, I talked to him. I brought up the subject that a company was hiring for male strippers that work female-only parties. He said that it seemed like a dream job, so I handed him my agency's contact information and told him they were hiring in the area. I added that I knew the owner of the agency. At this point, this kid did not know I was a male stripper.

Here's his reply: "Oh, can you tell him to call me then?"

I don't know if he just lacked maturity and experience, or maybe he wasn't that interested. Either way, I thought that was a lackadaisical response. When an employer has an open position, then the applicant should put forth effort to initiate contact and prove himself worthy. Not the other way around. I chose the nice route of explaining reality to him and said, "This guy gets tons of phone calls all the time. He gets over 30 applicants a week. I don't think he has time to juggle for calling you. You gotta call him."

"Okay, I will."

One week later, my agent asked if I found anyone in the area, because he lost two shows due to a lack of manpower. I would have taken those shows, but I had prior bookings and can't be in two places at once. I thought by now that the kid from the gym had plenty of time to contact the agency. I gave my agent the kid's name and asked if he applied yet.

"He didn't contact me," my agent said.

"Well fuck," I said. "That was a week ago at the gym. He had plenty of time."

"Talk to him and see the next time you're at the gym."

A few days later, I ran into the kid at the gym again. He approached me and talked about getting done with finals and working out. We conversed about random bullshit for awhile until I asked him if he applied at the agency.

"Not yet, but I'll do that tonight."

I decided to be straight with this kid because he seemed to lack the confidence. Maybe he was just nervous or shy, and needed a little push in the right direction. I made sure that no one was around, then I said, "Okay, I'll be straight with you. I work for this company as a male stripper."

My statement took him by surprise. I usually keep my side job a secret, and I was risking my reputation for this kid.

"If you tell anyone else about this, I will deny it up and down and tell them that you're crazy and making up shit."

The kid instantly shook his head and said, "No, I won't tell anyone."

"All right then. The owner of that agency needs some more manpower. It's a great fuckin job. I made $1,100 last week stripping and dancing for girls and did less than 15 hours of work. Anyway, you got the looks and demeanor for the job, you just need the training. I have a party of a dozen girls in their 20's this Friday. You can tag along, and I'll train you. You got a girlfriend?"

He shook his head. "Pffft. Fuck no!"

"Good. Most girlfriends have a problem with this job. You'll be meeting a lot of girls who will want you. Most men dream of working this gig. So, you interested?"

"Um, I don't know... It sounds great and all, especially the money."

"It beats working for minimum wage."

He asked me a few more questions, nodding his head along to my glorious descriptions of the parties of women. He expressed doubt about his dancing abilities, but I assured him that one can train to become a better dancer. My statement about the pay is what piqued his interest.

"That's some good money. This sounds like some Magic Mike shit."

"If you're interested, give me a call," I said, giving him my number.

He copied it down on his cell phone. As of today, May 9, 2014, the day of the show, the kid still hasn't called me yet. Perhaps he chickened out, or he thought I was full of shit.

I don't get it. Most men would love to do this job, but can't due to various physical or mental limitations. I have gotten hundreds of e-mails from guys wanting to become male strippers. Now I offer this kid a job that most men fantasize about when they're jacking off, and he doesn't want it.

Damn kids these days. No wonder my agent has a hard time finding male strippers.

***Edit (May 14, 2014)***

My agent asked if there were any prospective applicants. I told him the story above. Here was my agent's response: "That doesn't surprise me. Most guys chicken out. They like the idea of doing this job, but they get cold feet when it's show time."


  1. When I was striping I was constantly praised by the owner...for being reliable. It's amazing how such a simple thing can be such an important factor.

    1. I notice that male stripping requires charisma, looks,muscularity, stage presence, and reliability. While it's easy to find a broad range of people with one of those characteristics, having all of them together at once is a rarity.

  2. I would trade places with him (or you) in a heart-beat !

    What guy wouldn`t want naughty married women (or soon to be married) groping them and giving him BJ`s while getting paid for it ?

    1. He missed out. The party I was going to take him to was full of 21-year-old hotties. Right up his alley.

  3. As much as I like you Dion, money can't buy class and dignity.
    Taking your clothes off for an bunch of older, overweight strangers (usually)
    isn't every guys dream. Don't be pushy. Maybe he has bigger plans that being some sleazy 30+ yaer-old stripper.

    1. I have three corrections to make to your statement.

      1.) About 95% of my clients are usually in their 20's or early 30's. More than half of them are attractive. I'm taking this statistic from my parties of 2014.
      2.) With the above in mind, I'd say most guys WOULD do this. I don't know where you get off thinking that most women who hire male strippers are older and overweight. Is that just a random guess?
      3.) From reading this kid's body language and judging by his answers, he definitely seemed interested. Also, he's only making minimum wage right now. Maybe he has bigger plans, but he has a long way to go.

      Regarding being "sleazy," I'll assume that you're referring to me sleeping with women. If that's the case, then I'm sleazy all right.

  4. You keep pointing out he makes minimum wage. Most college students
    do.If he was interested he would have made that call already. You can't only be a stripper for so long and you of all people know that.Eventually this kid is going to replace you. I'm a fan Dion :) but have my opinions.

    1. Very true. He would've made the call by now. Even given the chance that he is interested, it's a bad sign that he hasn't jumped on the opportunity yet because that speaks volumes about his lack of initiative (which is a needed trait in this profession).

      I guess I have a little sympathy for the kid. I made minimum wage in college before I stripped, and didn't like it one bit. Stripping changed my college life around both socially and financially. But looking back, not every male stripper benefited like I did. Some got too involved in the partying and the miniature rock star lifestyle.

    2. And I don't mind opinions. I encourage them, even if they're opposite of mine. That's why I always approve all comments except spam. ;) So keep posting them.

  5. Its really to bad he is passing this up. Dont let that discourage you from approaching someone else though. I think it is really cool you gave him that opportunity and some hands on experience with a pro.

    1. It is too bad he's passing on it, but I'm not worried about it. My agent and the kid are the ones who stand to reap the rewards the most.

      Perhaps it may be a good thing for the kid to avoid this job. He may start it and turn into some kind of monster like Angelo did for awhile.

  6. "Damn kids these days. No wonder my agent has a hard time finding male strippers."

    I've heard another agent tell something along the lines of the above quote. Hence many of the guys who strip are in their 30s and 40s. He complains how it is hard to get dudes in their 20s to do this.

    Then again the novelty of male stripping is not what it was in the 80s/early 90s. Back then male strippers were routinely featured on most of the major talk shows. There were more guys in their 20s who would have jumped at an opportunity to strip a generation ago than now it seems.

    1. The movie "Magic Mike" brought this job to the forefront. When it came out, I had a few e-mails from major t.v. networks asking me to come on their talk shows and talk about my job. If I had my book done at the time, I would have taken the chance.

      I think a lot of guys want to do strip, but look at the work ethic now. I recently spoke to a manager at a bakery/coffee shop who said that he had trouble keeping employees in their late teens to early 20's because of bad work ethic. He says that he is constantly hiring.

      The truth is that many young people have such a shitty work ethic that they're not qualified for much in life. I mean, take that kid in the above story: "Can you tell him (the agent) to call me?"

  7. Man I'd like to take that job offer or any other you know about

    1. Hang tight. I have a company that is going to hiring soon. They gave me the green light to make a post about them. Keep checking back.