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Party Log: May 4, 2014

May 4, 2014

Cajun Bachelorette Party

The women here ranged from 20s all the way to 60s, and there were about a dozen of them or so. They rented a two-story condo on the beach. The customer requested a cop costume because the bride was going to marry a cop. Everyone was unsure how the bride was going to react to having a male stripper though, most predicting unfavorably. The customer warned me that the bride was “a bit of a prude.”

Well, those warnings proved false. When I started stripping for the bride, she became ecstatic. “My husband needs to do this with his cop uniform!” she shouted to her friends.

The women’s cheers were deafening. The sliding glass door to the back patio was open, giving a nice view of the beach. Several beach-goers could hear the commotion and looked over to see what was going on. I waved to them before someone shut the sliding door and closed the curtains over it.

During one point in my performance, I stopped and said, “Okay, I need a volunteer. One that is very vulgar, sexual, and ready for anything I have in mind.”

Quite a few women volunteered themselves: Daughters, mothers, friends.

I went up to the 60-year-old grandmother and said, “Thank you for volunteering, ma’am! I got a nice surprise for you!”

A mix of laughter and joyful roars drowned out the music. The crowd was happy with my choice. Even the grandmother wrapped her arms around me in jubilation.

I set her down on the floor and dry humped her in the missionary position. This caused everyone to laugh and take pictures as fast as their cameras could process the information. The grandmother even grabbed my ass to help. “I’m taking him home with me!” she announced.

“Watch out for this one,” I said, pointing at the grandmother. “She’s really kinky!”

Everyone roared. I was glad that this was a stand-alone condo on the beach. If these ladies had neighbors, then the real police would have shown up by now.

I made my rounds with everyone. When I was finished, one lady said, “Dion, this is our last day in Florida, and you were our highlight of the whole week!”

That made me feel good. I had as much fun as they did. In addition to a generous attitude, they gave me $210 in tips alone, totaling to $360 total from them. That last hour felt like fun, not work.

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