Saturday, May 3, 2014

More April Entries - Part 2

Friday – April 25, 2014

Two bachelorette parties. First one in Panama City. Second one in Destin, Florida.

I hate Panama City. Ever since MTV filmed their spring break crap there in the 90s, it turned into a party haven full of booze and college students. That sounds nice, but that combination results in a lot of traffic crashes, drunk drivers, and traffic jams.

This Friday was no different. I left an hour early and barely arrived on time for my first gig. I brought a Kindle Fire HD paired with a Bluetooth speaker and handed them to the customer when she paid me. Just prior to performing, I tried to get them to play, and the damn things wouldn’t sync properly. It was a disaster. Finally, I was able to get the Kindle to play without the speaker, but it was barely audible with its puny speakers.

The bride knew I was coming, but we had her wait outside while I was getting ready. When everything was set, she entered dressed only in a bikini and a tiara… and was very drunk and horny. She was very touchy and breathed in steady seductive gasps when I straddled her. Occasionally she screamed how hot I was.

Her friends joined in the fun and we had a good time. The only hindrance to this event was the lack of loud music. The Kindle wasn’t cutting it. Plus the girls were cheering so loudly that they drowned out what little we could hear of the music.

I had to end the party after thirty minutes in order to make my next show on time. I really wanted to extend it for these ladies. They were a great crowd and deserved longer, but the next customers wanted me earlier than expected.

When the bride found out I was leaving soon, she expressed her disappointment by saying, “I didn’t get to see Dion’s cock! I wanna see his cock!”

I assumed that my presence was not conductive to her soon-to-be-marriage.  After I finished taking pictures with everyone, I used one of the bedrooms to partially change into the costume for my next party. The bride crept into the bedroom alone while I was changing, proving my assumptions to be true. She thanked me for the show, told me that I was hot, and gave me a kiss on the lips as she hugged me. I suspected that she would have pursued a more intimate course of action if her friend had not barged into to check on her.

“What are you doing?” the friend demanded of the bride.

“I was just going to the bathroom,” she said. To her credit, there was a bathroom connected to the bedroom.

“Okay, I’ll go with you,” the friend said.

They both entered, allowing me to finish changing. They emerged as I was on my way out the door. The bride gave me another hug, a kiss on the cheek, and asked if I wanted to go out with the girls tonight.

“I can’t,” I said. “I have another party to go to right now.”

“That’s too bad,” she said with a pout. “I still didn’t get to see your dick. Show it to me next time, okay?”


The second party was pretty tame. I made it on time luckily.

One interesting thing about this party was that there were two brides in attendance, one being 4 months pregnant. The funny thing was that she was also the wildest lady there. She joked the most, participated the most, and even wore a funny looking executioner hood at times, which is pictured here:

The pregnant bride wearing one of those "dungeon" masks.


Saturday, April 26

This booking came from my blog. While it's not the first time someone booked me here for a show, I was flattered that she wanted to book me even after reading through some of my stories. She wanted me to strip for her friend's bachelorette party in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, and faced a lot of dead ends with other companies.

The show was phenomenal. In fact, it was favorite party so far this year, and definitely earns its place as "the best party of April." One of the girls offered to write about the experience, so I'll wait until she gets done and post it here.


Wednesday, April 30

It's very rare that I get a show on Wednesday. This particular one was a "going away party" at a dental office. I won't disclose the location, because it would be easy to narrow it down via internet search. Basically, the staff at the dental office wanted me to surprise one of their coworkers on her last day working there.

They scheduled me for 5 o'clock, when the business closed. I was to dress as a fireman, pretending to respond to a false alarm.

There were five people total: three females who planned my arrival, the unsuspecting female who finishing up her last day there, and a male doctor who was filming the whole thing while laughing his ass off.

Everything went as planned at first. I came in and pulled my fireman act, convincing the unsuspecting lady that I was actually a fireman. Then the music started, followed by my striptease, and the aforementioned lady's shock. Next, I injured myself by pulling a tendon in my thumb.

I wish I could say that I was pulling some extraordinary acrobatic feat when I injured myself, but there is nothing of the sort in this story. I hurt myself taking off a fucking sock. That's right. A fucking sock. Before I took off my pants, I kicked off my shoes. Usually, I wear ankle socks, but today I wore socks that went up to my calves because I was behind on laundry and had no other pair of clean socks. These socks were a pain to take off because they are so long. I didn't have any difficulty pulling my right sock off, but the left sock clung persistently to my foot. I hooked my thumb inside and pulled, and it got stuck, so I pulled harder to force the damn thing off. It came off followed by a popping sensation in my thumb. Pain shot through my hand.

My first instinct was to grab my hand. However, I was in the middle of stripping, so I gritted my teeth, forced a smile, and reverted to dancing again. Fortunately, this was one of those surprise strip-o-grams where the gimmick is the initial surprise and strip, so the customers didn't expect me to stay around for an hour and run through my gamut of tricks and entertainment.

They ladies were happy with my striptease and short rounds of interaction. The doctor filmed it all, and we watched the videos afterwards. Fortunately, I played off the pain very well in the videos.

Well, that was my first time going to a dental office and getting paid for it.


Summary of April

A good money for extra income considering I took a week off to go on a cruise, and business was dead during Easter weekend.

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