Sunday, May 25, 2014

Party Log: May 23, 2014

Gulf Shores, Alabama

8 girls

Bachelorette Party

This was one of them shows where most of the girls were runners, meaning that they ran away from me. It's difficult to have a performance when the audience disappears. Two girls were willing to participate, but they weren't enough to carry the show.

In a moment of rarity, the girls admitted that they made the show "lame," as they put it. They apologized about not being a "more lively group."

I didn't mind. They were nice. They tipped me well and gave me some penis candy, which is pictured here:

Dick N Dip

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  1. I'm familiar with the "runners" type of shows as well. Fortunately they tend to be rare but it makes you wonder why they'd book a male stripper in the first place. Ladies seeking to hire a male stripper need realize that the flow of the show is largely dictated by their receptiveness and willingness to interact with the stripper.